We are expert providers of high quality PIL user testing services for UK, European and global pharmaceutical companies. 

The company was set up in 2005 by Managing Director Julie Musk. Julie has a 25 year  background in producing accessible information in collaboration with patients and in designing bespoke user test methodologies to support the licensing of medicinal products and devices, product switches and rebranding.

Our  team is uniquely made up of information design specialists, usability experts, pharmacists and regulatory associates, offering a blend of skills to ensure regulatory approval and maximise the safe and correct use of your products by patients and carers.

Over the past two years, we have expanded our services to include an AIS consultancy package to support NHS Trusts working towards compliance with the NHS Accessible Information Standard 2016. 

Why choose us?

At pi2 we pride ourselves on:

  • Highest quality of work, based on in depth knowledge and years of experience
  • Fast, reliable, hassle free service
  • 100% regulatory approval rate
  • Work underpinned by rigorous standard operating procedures and a regular audit programme

User Testing

PIL User Testing

With a wealth of experience in optimising text and layout, we will help you produce information which will meet the needs of users and pass smoothly through the approval process.

Pack Design
User Testing

Pack Design User Testing

To ensure the front of pack design is clear and that the product can be easily differentiated from similar medicines, so reducing risk of administration and dispensing errors.

Medical Device
Usability Testing

Medical Device Usability Testing

To provide evidence that ensure that your company’s medical devices meet user requirements and can be used effectively and safely by patients in the home.

Accessible Information Standard (AIS)

Accessible Information Standard (AIS)

A full package to support NHS organisations to identify, record, flag, share  and meet the communication and information needs of patients and carers who are Deaf or who have  sensory or other disabilities.