Medical Device User Testing

It’s never been more important to be in safe hands

It’s never been more important to be in safe hands

Our team and associates have extensive experience of user testing and use medical devices alongside Instructions For Use (IFU)

Services include:


Tested devices

Bespoke user test design for use of syringes, nebulisers, TENS machines, inhalers and spacers, applicators, e-cigarettes (vapes)


Instructions For Use

Optimisation and testing of Instructions For Use (IFU)

Diagrams and Pictograms

Testing of pictogram and diagrams to ensure they are clear and unambiguous.

Medical Device Usability Testing

Based on our test evidence, you can be confident that your information supports effective and safe use of your device and meets all relevant regulatory requirements.


PIL User Testing

Highly diverse, fully representative test group of over 2,000 individuals.


Medicine Pack Design Testing

Bespoke test solutions? We’ve got some bright ideas.


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