Medicine Pack User Testing

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Medicine Pack Design User Testing

Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of regulatory guidance on presentation of outer labelling and National Patient Safety standards and using our own bespoke medicine pack design user test methodology which has been accepted by Regulators, this consultancy and user testing service includes:

Medicine Pack Testing – Why user test?

Poor readability and design of outer packaging is a factor in a significant number of medication/selection errors; especially where there are look alike or sound alike names or where pack designs are similar.

User testing can be critical to support rebranding initiatives and to provide assurance that outer labelling will support correct purchasing decisions, can be easily differentiated from other products within that therapeutic area and will support safe and effective use of a drug product within the home.

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    Critical review of pack design and text

    Initial review of design and text against current standards/guidelines.

    Types of testing

    Single-pack or whole-range testing.


    Design prototypes

    Comparative studies to test out options for design/label prototypes (placement of information, straplines and use of colour).

    Data analysis

    Full data analysis and interpretation of results.

    Label Comprehension Studies

    Label comprehension studies are mainly used to support licence application for non-prescription drug products.



     The purpose of label comprehension studies is to demonstrate that the outer labelling will ensure correct purchasing decisions and comprehension of the key safety and compliance messages to support safe and effective use of the medicinal product.

    Our Background

    With a clinical background in assessing comprehension abilities in adults and people with learning disabilities, our Managing Director and founder is well placed to guide and design rigorous label comprehension tests, deriving methods based on industry guidelines.

    Our Patient Database

    As non-prescription drug products are available for purchase without an intermediary healthcare professional, access to our ‘bank’ of potential patients/consumers including people with lower literacy levels is all the more important to ensure the medicine pack is simple to identify and as easy to understand as possible.

    Medicine Pack User Testing


    PIL User Testing

    Highly diverse, fully representative test group of over 2,000 individuals.


    Medical Device Testing

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